Daleburne Consulting utilises one of the most advanced payroll systems in the industry.  By doing this, it ensures peace of mind that all legislated requirements are being fulfilled according to SARS rules and regulations.

There are numerous benefits when outsourcing your Companies needs;outsource

  • Reduced Risks

Outsourcing certain departments of your company helps transfer unnecessary risks and responsibilities to professionals.  Labour legislations and SARS legislations change frequently, with little communication.  Daleburne Consulting stays abreast of all relevant changes, as well as any proposed changes that may not come into play.

  • Security

As we utilise an advanced technological payroll system, all documentation is stored on a secure server, with continual off-site back up processes. The security we offer is of a high quality as the risk of fraud is diminished completely, with an auditable process.

  • Core Business

Outsourcing the support functions of your business, allows you more time for your organisation to focus and grow your core business roles.

  • Expertise

Human Resources and Payroll concerns are what Daleburne Consulting specialises in.  As this is our field of expertise, the tasks at hand are completed more efficiently and with a higher quality of effectiveness.  We have over 35 years of experience in the above fields, so we can ensure all responsibilities required, are done to achieve the highest possible output.

  • Reduced Operational and Recruitment Costs

One of the main advantages of outsourcing your needs is the reduced costs of recruitment and operations.   There are no hidden costs of leave pay, bonuses, etc. as well as decreased stress of employees on annual or sick leave, during the busiest payroll processing times ensuring employees receive their correct salaries on time.

  • Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified

Unfortunately the risk and concern of in-house recruitment is the lack of knowledge a potential employee might posses.  Qualified does not always mean experienced.  With outsourcing, this particular situation is eliminated completely.
Daleburne Consulting is100% committed to offering you an outstanding service!