Most small to medium size businesses do not have a consolidated strategy to address their IT (Information Technology) needs

This leads to having disparate systems that are difficult to manage, integrate and improve

As a result they are not getting the most value on the IT spend and / or they are not empowering their staff and business to use the IT resources available to them

A business busy “fire fighting” IT issues and not able to take the time to step back and see the big picture


BASIC UNIFIED COMMUNICATION: Email, messaging and connectivity inside and outside the business

UNDERSTAND YOUR IP: What part of your IT services differentiate your business in the market?

BUILD A DEFENSIBLE MOAT: Make sure your business is secure from Virus and Cyber attacks

EXPERIMENT WITH CLOUD SERVICES: Which cloud services could save you money on your IT spend, secure your business or give you a competitive advantage

LEAN APPROACH: Are your IT services hindering or enabling your business processes


Assess the business goals and the role that technology plays in achieving those goals.

Assess the hardware and software currently in use.

Evaluate the network infrastructure and identify any potential bottlenecks or security risks.

Assess the storage capacity and backup solutions currently in place.

Assess the cybersecurity measures in place to protect against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, and hacking.

Assess the IT support currently in place, including the availability and responsiveness of the IT staff or service provider.

Review the IT policies and procedures currently in place and evaluate their effectiveness in ensuring the security and efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

Develop a roadmap for the future of the IT infrastructure based on the assessment findings and the business goals.