Leanne Tavendale

Managing Member

(NDip Payroll Administration Services)

(Registered SARS Tax Technician)

Leanne started working in the HR field for a large retail outlet in 1992. She was soon promoted as the HR Manager for the Westgate branch. Leanne proudly states that she was the youngest HR Manager for the company by the age of 21.

During Leanne’s time at Westgate, and outside her HR Management role, she helped with the day to day running of the store and took particular interest in the security of the branch.

Three years later Leanne joined Radiospoor in the payroll and HR Department. Here she discovered her passion for payroll and for ensuring that staff are always treated fairly. With her HR qualifications and knowledge in payroll Leanne was quickly promoted to the Group HR Manager role. In this position she oversaw payroll, general HR, training, recruitment and Industrial Relations.

The company then went through major restructuring and changes, and Leanne was instrumental in ensuring the smooth management of all the staffing issues.

At this time Leanne realised she wanted to open her own business. She understood the need to offer small and medium size companies the same beneficial and professional service in payroll and HR that the larger companies have, without the financial burden of having to employ expensive fulltime resources.

When Leanne left Radiospoor they became her first client and although they have also experienced changes over the years, they are still one of Daleburne Consulting’s happy clients……

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In 2000 Leanne Tavendale was the Group HR Manager for a large telecommunications corporate. The corporate went through a restructuring exercise and sold off a number of its divisions. At this point Leanne took a voluntary retrenchment, with the intention of starting her own Payroll and HR services company and Radiospoor would be her first client.

This was the beginning of Daleburne Consulting and the company has steadily grown in size and clientele since inception.

For the first few years Leanne handled all aspects of the business, this was an exciting new adventure, one that Leanne believed in strongly. Soon the company grew and the need arose to employ a larger team.

Daleburne Consulting prides itself on the fact that most of the growth within the clientele has been through word of mouth and through referrals from happy clients.

Many years later, Daleburne Consulting is still going strong.  Leanne’s vision is to grow a strong and profitable business while not to losing sight of the importance of offering a personalised, profession and cost effective service.

We realise that no two businesses are the same, and neither are their needs and for this reason we adapt our services to meet the client’s requirements.

For the small to medium size businesses we understand that our customers do not have the time or manpower to handle all the legislative requirements and extra administrative duties.